Players try to win an election by gathering the most votes (30 Vote Cards). They manage this by sabotaging other players, and sending out demonstrators to convert people to their cause.


30 x Propaganda cards

12 x Police cards

80 x Vote cards

1 x Game board

20 x Extremist tokens

50 x Demonstrator tokens

20 x Level 1 demonstrator tokens

15 x Level 2 demonstrator tokens

10 x Level 3 demonstrator tokens

5 x Level 4 demonstrator tokens


Each player starts with

1 Player board in front of them,

10 Vote Cards on hand,

3 level 1 demonstrators,

1 level 2 demonstrator,

3 Police Cards (randomised) You may read your Police Cards (they are placed face-down), but not show them to someone else.

1 extremist.

The Propaganda cards are placed in one pile on the game board. Left-over demonstrators, extremists and vote cards are placed in piles beside the game board. 1 level 1 demonstrator and 1 level 2 demonstrator are placed in the jail.

To decide which player starts, every player secretly decides who they want to vote for (not themselves... or?), when they have decided they put their hand up. When everyone has decided they simultaneously point to the player they are voting for, count the votes. The player with the most votes start. If its a draw, do it again.


During a players turn, they have some decisions to make, in a specific order.

A player starts their turn with 3 actions (using them is optional)

1. Bring demonstrators home to base, or let them stay out another day and gather votes. This counts as 1 action for each demonstrator they bring home. If a demonstrant is brought home, they also bring 1 vote card for each day they have been out.

2. Each demonstrator that wasn't brought home are placed on the next Day Zone, if they are of sufficient level. If not, they are arrested by police and brought to the prison area.

3. Choosing actions:

3a. Draw an propaganda card. Counts as 2 actions. (Propaganda Cards can be played for NO actions at ANY time.)
3b. Place 1 demonstrator on the first Day Zone. Counts as 1 action​.
3c. Use a Police Card. Choose a target player. Take the top card from your pile and play it against your target player. Counts as 1 action​.
3d. Move an extremist . They can either defend the players votes (place extremist on your vote card pile), or attack an enemys votes (place extremist on enemies vote card pile). Counts as 1 action​. It stil counts as 1 action if they move more than 1 extremist.
3e. Send a demonstrant to the prison. You gain 1 Vote Card (regardless of demonstrant level). Counts as 1 action.
3f. Buy 1 level 1 demonstrant. Costs NO actions. Costs 2 Votes.
3g. If you dont have any extremists at all, you may buy 1 for 5 votes.

4. ​If there are more enemy extremists on the current players vote pile, than the player has defending extremists, the current player gives votes to the players that were attacking according to the following formula: ((attacking extremist - defending extremist) * 2).

Everything above is explained in an easier way to comprehend here

Win/lose contditionEdit

The player which first gains 30 Vote Cards WINS, and then The Game is over.

If a player reacher 0 Vote Cards, that player is out of the game and LOSES.


All players may trade any type of piece of the game (Vote Cards, Police Cards, Demonstrants and Extremists ) with each other at ANY point of the game. Police Cards remain face-down. Demonstrants that are traded from the city are placed in the new owners hand, and no votes are collected from it.


Extremist battles:

If the number of votes gained from a battle where several players gain votes is uneven compared to the number of attacking players, then:

Start dealing the Vote Cards clockwise until there are no left. (Someone will get more. Deal with it.)

An extremist only attacks if they were moved last round (they don't keep attacking if they stand on the same place every round).



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