Vote per Actions (VpA)

A major way to deem how worthy actions are is to count VpA. By doing this you can choose to spend your actions accordingly.


Place demonstrators and bring them to base:

lv1: 0,5 VpA

lv2: 1 VpA (on max days out)

lv3: 1,5 VpA (on max days out)

lv 4: 2 VpA (on max days out)

Attack with extremists:

2VpA per succeeding extremist. (This one is a bit tricky, since if you attack 4 extremists and another player attacks with 1 extremist, that player get half the votes). If you plan to attack the same player numerous times in a row, the VpA is only 1, since it then takes 2 actions to attack. A smarter solution is to attack 2 players, one at a a time.

Selling a demonstrator: 1 VpA.

Using a specific action card: 0 VpA. ( u must spend 2 actions to get the card, but since this is hardly the one you want, its not stated as 0,5 VpA.

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