This is a list of all Event cards and Action cards of the game, for clarification purposes.

Event cardsEdit


Original Gangsters (OG) are going to free some of their members and they are offering all of the players to free some demonstrators. The players will all have to bribe OG to get all of the demonstrators from prison.

Every player who wishes to participate will secretly take a number of vote cards in their hand, and when everyone has done the same, they simultaneously show how many cards they spent. The player with the most vote cards spent has won the auction and gains every demonstrator from prison. If some players have offered the same amount, the auction keeps going between them until one has won.

Every card spent auctioning is lost, even if the player didn't win.

The player who drew this card will gain 2 votes in the auction.

Action cardsEdit

Personal attendanceEdit

The party leader (player) i visiting a specific demonstrator to heighten morale.

Effect: This specific demonstrator will temporarily gain 1 level, and can stay out for another day. This is reversed when the demonstrator is brought home to base.

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