The Extremist token used in game.

The extremists role in the game is to steal votes from other players, and to defend votes from getting stolen.

How it works

Choosing to attack

If you choose to attack another player, you do so by spending 1 action on your round( unrelated to how many extremists you plan to attack with).

You then move the extremist(s) to the chosen players designated area for your extremists (on their board). If you want to defend you can move them to your board instead. You can only move extremists once during your turn!

The actual attacking

the actual attack isn't done until the end of the defendants round. This gives players a chance to defend from the attack.

How the attack works; The number of votes gained by the attackers are determined by the following formula:

(attacking extremists- defending extremists) * 2.

If more than 1 player attacks the same target they share the votes from the formula above.

Attacking the same target twice

Attacking extremists only attack the first round they get to a new player, meaning they have to move to another player first before they can attack the first target again.

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